Rook Feld lives on Yavapai Apache, Hopi, A:shiwi (Zuni), and Hohokam land.
They are:
       - a gender jester
       - a weirdo with style
       - a Bezier curve enthusiast
       - a nerd for outer space, history, and language
       - an improvisational crowdpleaser
       - a messy painter
       -  a poet
Their resume is below.
Concerts at Bienen
Graphic Designer, 2016 - 2020
Evanston, IL
Researched concert lineup and featured composers 
to ensure communicative design.
Implemented feedback from employer and clients.
Managed concurrent projects with tight deadlines.
Night Kitchen Interactive
Media Intern, Summer 2017 - Summer 2018
Philadelphia, PA
Created visual and written content for multimedia 
projects, including videos, apps, and augmented reality.
Completed collaborative tasks in an agile workflow.
Wrote full documentation for a virtual reality iPad application.
WAVE Productions
Director, Love and Information, 2018
Evanston, IL
Lead as the creative head in the rehearsal room.
Problem-solved while on a tight budget.
Artist/Animator, Summer 2020
Worked on a two-person art team to develop assets with 
cohesive art direction.
Released a game to the iOS and Google Play stores.
Candle House Collective
Cast, The Lucky Ones, 2019
Writer/Cast, each and every, 2020 - 2021
Originated a role in an immersive, interactive theatre 
experience over the phone.
Awarded "Best Individual Performance of 2020"
by NoProscenium.
Designer/Video Editor, 2012 - Present
Create logos, illustrations, brochures, and infographics.
Communicate with clients to find an exciting visual direction.
Compose motion collages to augment video footage.
Honshin Fine Art (Golden Lotus Gallery, LLC)
Fine Art Associate, 2023 - Present
Sedona, AZ
Opened, maintained, and closed the gallery solo.
Provided a welcoming demeanor, extensive knowledge of the gallery, and expert customer service.
Optimize SEO, marketing materials, and social media presence.
Train personnel in the Adobe Creative Suite and graphic design principles.
Tabletop Game Designer, 2022 - Present
Design mechanics, write evocative text, and create compelling layouts for tabletop games as PDFs, sold on
Collaborate with other designers on multi-year projects.
Illustrate games designed by award-winning creators.
Northwestern University
School of Communication
Bachelor of Art
Adobe Creative Suite
Clip Studio Paint
Customer Service