each and every
created by Rook Feld and Evan Neiden,
performed by Rook Feld
"Best Individual Performance of 2020" 
- NoProscenium awards
“indelible / extraordinary and hopeful / an otherworldly space for joyful exchange and intimate catharsis”
- Laura Hess for NoProscenium review
"purposeful and important / I felt so connected and understood."
- Allie Marotta for NoProscenium "Moments That Defined Immersive in 2020"
“a poignant tribute / life-affirming / deeply powerful / ridiculously fun 
[Rook]’s way of handling [grief] is both unique and profoundly beautiful.”
- Tim Beedle for Immersed review

An archival screenshot of Mr. Candle's review
of the abandonware game Sitzprobe Assemblage.
Currently, this is all we can find
from Mr. Candle's Reviews and Ephemera.

Short fiction work. 
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